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Manchester Airport City Enterprise Zone


Enterprise Zones are intended to stimulate business growth through the provision of subsidies in the form of business rate discounts, worth up to £275,000, super-fast broadband, simplified planning procedures and the retention of pooled business rates by the Local Authority for a period of at least 25 years. The Manchester Enterprise Zone will also benefit from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) support for international business enquiries, and actively encourage the best overseas companies to consider the UK as their global partner of choice.


Metrolink, rail, bus, motorway/road, bicycle and pedestrian movement systems collectively provide a hierarchy of linked accessibility within the Enterprise Zone, which permits and enhances the connectivity essential for an integrated economic area. The core of the system is the airport transport hub, where all modes come together. All sites within this zone are connected to this hub, either directly on foot or by close Metrolink service. Local bus and the bicycle and pedestrian networks provide a finer grain of mobility throughout the Zone. Underpinning the Airport City proposal is the ability of the wider South Manchester area to take advantage of the accessibility provided by the existing transport service to the airport and the wider urban region. This transport system ties together the clusters of sites into a cohesive Enterprise Zone and permits the business, goods and people flows between them necessary to integrate its economic reality.